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How does BaOpt Work?

When ventilating, heating or cooling your rooms with BaOpt, air from your installation flows through the entire room (diffusion). It even reaches the most outer corners so you can enjoy healthy, fresh air without noticeable temperature differences everywhere.

Conventional system

Conventional System

Room with BaOpt


How we do this is actually very simple: by creating a small pressure difference with the outside air, the air in your room moves in random directions. The ratio of blowing in and extracting air is regulated by BaOpt in such a way that the pressure is just right. Indoor and outdoor pressure gauges communicate with the installation to manage this.

BaOpt Works on both New and Existing Installations

Do you already have an air treatment installation? We can install the BaOpt software on it so you immediately benefit from better ventilation, a lower energy bill and more comfort.

If BaOpt is used in a new installation, you can choose to use fewer tubes and grilles in your building. One blow-in point per room is typically enough to adequately ventilate, heat and cool with a BaOpt system.

Advisor Liesbeth Groenwold on BaOpt in Schools (Dutch Video)

Liesbeth Groenwold was the advisor for the climate installation of the Brede School in Uithuizen. There, she chose to go for the BaOpt system. In this video she explains how it works and what the advantages are for the school.

Advantages of BaOpt's Technology

Well-ventilated Rooms

The BaOpt system works with CO2 meters to regulate air supply by default. In other words: the more people there are in a room, the more it will be ventilated.

  • Always sufficient oxygen in the room so people can function optimally
  • A healthy indoor climate with less absenteeism
  • Less chance of spreading viruses and bacteria from person to person

Energy Savings

  • Save about 30% on electricity
  • Save about 10% – 20% on heating and cooling

High Comfort

  • Always fresh air that reaches all corners of the room
  • No drafts thanks to a low blow-in speed
  • No noticeable temperature differences in the room
  • Heat does not rise to the roof
  • Cold traps near windows are a thing of the past, even without radiators

Architectural Benefits

  • Thanks to the way air is distributed, few fans are needed
  • Significantly fewer ducts, pipes and ventilation grilles are required
  • The installation is minimally visible in large open spaces

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