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Zwembad De Kuil, Bodegraven, NL

  • Client: Van Galen
  • Advisor: EWZ
  • Installer: Van Galen

Swimming Pool De Kuil is a new, modern swimming pool that has been built from the ground up. Thanks to the BaOpt system, the facility is ready for the future!

Energy Neutral Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is fully energy neutral. This is exceptional, because swimming pools use a lot of energy. By using heat pumps combined with an electric boiler for legionella prevention, gas is no longer required. In addition, BaOpt substantially lowers energy usage for both heating and ventilation. Partly because of this, the swimming pool can run entirely on its own solar energy!

No Pipes

Thanks to BaOpt, there are no tubes in both pools  and in the locker rooms. These are not necessary because pressure differences (diffusion) are used to handle air distribution. This makes the pool facility look a lot nicer.

Pleasant Swimming Climate

Because treated air is not blown in at high speed from pipes, visitors do not experience drafts. Cold traps near the windows are also prevented by the BaOpt system. As a result, visitors of Swimming Pool De Kuil do not get chills when they get out of the pool.

Zwembad De Kuil Bodegraven, Netherlands
Zwembad De Kuil Bodegraven, Netherlands