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It is BaOpt's birthday!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of BaOpt Netherlands, we now made it possible to purchase BaOpt as a subscription service! Hereby even more organizations can take advantage of the benefits of the system.

Always a Solution for You

To make BaOpt 2.0 accessible to everyone, we offer multiple packages. BaOpt as a Service is a subscription service of which the costs are in most cases lower than the savings on your energy bill. In short, you earn money with it. Not satisfied after all? Then you can just cancel your BaOpt subscription. If you have more room to invest, you can also choose to purchase BaOpt. The system is then yours and no subscription costs will be charged.

BaOpt 2.0

One-time purchase

BaOpt 2.0 as a Service

Subscription service

We deliver both packages with Climatics. With this platform, you always have insight in the operation and performance of BaOpt. If you buy BaOpt, you do not pay anything extra for this in the first year. With BaOpt as a Service you have access to Climatics as long as long as your subscription is valid.

Do you want to know more or make a purchase?

Call or email us and we will look at the possibilities together with you. If desired, we can also look at tailor-made solutions for your situation.