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Naturalis, Leiden, NL

  • Client: Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden
  • Architect: Neutelings Riedijk Architecten
  • System: BaOpt, single supply duct
  • Advisor: Huisman en van Muijen
  • Installer: Kuijpers / ULC

Top institute in the field of biodiversity

Naturalis the national research institute in the field of biodiversity. Scientists are engaged in describing, understanding and preserving it on a daily basis. Next to being a research institute, Naturalis is known as a museum and experience center.

The architect opted or an atrium with shapes inspired by nature. All functional rooms lead to this atrium. The building offers ample space for the growing collection and the growing number of visitors and researchers.

BaOpt for optimal climate control

Exhibiting and allowing such a fragile collection to be experienced requires a very well controlled indoor climate. In rooms with, for example, dinosaur skeletons, climate class A must even be complied with. The large change in numbers of visitors completes the challenge. Naturalis therefore chose the BaOpt system for the museum rooms. BaOpt ensures a homogeneous distribution of air. As a result, consistent temperatures are realized in the rooms. Moreover, visitors enjoy a pleasant environment because of this.

In addition to taking care of the collection, reducing its CO2 footprint is very important to Naturalis. The BaOpt system is very energy efficient due to its diffusion-based technology and tight control. This was an extra reason for choosing BaOpt.

T. rex in Naturalis

Video: Smoke Test

In the video below, a smoke test is used to show that with the BaOpt system air distributes evenly throughout the rooms.