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BaOpt 2.0

BaOpt 2.0: The Complete Solution for Your Organization

BaOpt 2.0 is the perfect road to energy savings and a more comfortable indoor climate. By combining the revolutionary BaOpt-system with Climatics and full commissioning by ACS, we are offering you a truly total solution!

What does BaOpt 2.0 Include?

  • High energy savings
  • A well ventilated, draft-free indoor climate
  • Minimum number of ducts and tubes needed
  • Infinite databases and optimization using AI
  • Monitor and mange your installation remotely and in real time


  • Full commissioning of BaOpt and Climatics by ACS

Optimization Module

You can expand BaOpt with an optimization agreement. In that case, our specialists will monitor your installation 24/7 and adjust the system if necessary. This way, we enable you to save even more energy!

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What can BaOpt 2.0 do for your Organization?

Call us or send us an email and will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Installer or advisor? We are happy to work together with you to provide BaOpt 2.0 to your customers.