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AFAS Experience Center, Leusden, NL

  • Client: Homij Grote Projecten
  • Installer: Homij Grote Projecten

The AFAS Experience Center is a combination of the headquarters of AFAS and several facilities, such as a sports hall, a restaurant and a theater.

A good indoor climate with many windows

In the AFAS Experience Center, you will find a big restaurant with a kitchen equipped with a large window. In addition, the building has a theater with a foyer around it in a glass dome. To keep the climate in these areas manageable, AFAS opted for BaOpt.

The BaOpt technique eliminates a number of unpleasant factors. Because of the diffuse air distribution, there are no cold traps near the windows on cooler days. On warmer days, the building can be perfectly cooled by BaOpt, despite the fact that the sun shines through the big glass surfaces.

Moreover, there are many plants inside the dome. However, BaOpt can properly regulate the amount of moisture in the room using moisture sensors. Based on humidity, the system will increase ventilation in the room. This keeps the climate comfortable.

Comfort in the theater hall

In the theater, visitors can comfortably enjoy the performance. It has been decided to use blow-in points under the seats, but thanks to BaOpt these have a minimal blowing speed. As a result, the audience does not feel drafts. For the rest of the hall, only one central blow-in point is needed, also at low speed.

Smart smoke control

The combination of BaOpt and Climatics allows theater smoke to move to a set location during a performance. The smoke can be controlled via Climatics. BaOpt makes it possible to heat, ventilate and cool without high blowing speeds. As a result, the climate system does not interfere with smoke control.

AFAS Experience Center

Virtual Tour Through the AFAS Experience Center (Dutch Video)