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BaOpt: Optimal Climate Control

BaOpt helps you to better ventilate your building while saving energy at the same time. The system makes sure that air from your heating, ventilation and air conditioning reaches every corner of the room. This is accomplished through diffuse ventilation.

The Advantages of BaOpt


  • A healthy indoor climate with less absenteeism
  • No drafts and cold breezes
  • No need for high blow-in speeds

Energy Savings

  • About 30% less power consumption by fans
  • Around 10% – 20% savings on heating and cooling
  • Heat does not rise to the roof anymore

Architectural Benefit

  • Significantly fewer ducts and tubes required
  • The installation is minimally visible in large open spaces

Experiences of Zwembad De Watertoren (Dutch Video)

Swimming pool manager Arjan Knaapen explains how swimming at De Watertoren has become a lot more comfortable thanks to BaOpt. Moreover, temperature differences have been minimized and the swimming pool enjoys big savings on its energy bill.

BaOpt: the Complete Solution

If you let ACS Connected Buildings install Baopt, you will take advantage of all possibilities of our technology.

  • All benefits of BaOpt
  • Monitor your installation wherever you are using Climatics
  • Commissioning and optimization by ACS

> Everything about BaOpt 2.0

Do you have a conventional HVAC-installation that you want to upgrade to BaOpt, without having to change your installation or hardware?

In most cases, that is possible. Contact us and we are happy to see how we can implement BaOpt 2.0 on your installation.

Specific BaOpt Applications

Featured BaOpt Projects

T. rex in Naturalis

Naturalis, Leiden, NL

Naturalis uses the BaOpt system to ensure that its fragile museum collection remains in good condition and to reduce its carbon footprint.

Zwembad De Kuil Bodegraven, Netherlands

Swimming Pool De Kuil, Bodegraven, NL

Partly thanks to BaOpt, Swimming Pool De Kuil is an energy neutral swimming pool! Additionally, the pool could be outfitted without tubes and drafts are eliminated.

What can BaOpt do for your Organization?

Do you have any questions or are you interested in BaOpt? Call us or send us an email and will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Installer or advisor? We are happy to work together with you to provide BaOpt to your customers.